Eyeaspis Dry Eye


Eyeaspis Dry Eye

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Category: Dry Eye Syndrom

Eyeaspis Dry Eye is a unique formulated dietary supplement based on years of research to provide relief for occasional dryness, redness, scratchiness, and irritation in the eye.

The ingredients of Eyeaspis Dry Eye contain a patented combination of the highest quality omega-3 fatty acids, as re-esterified triglycerides, combined with vitamins for additional eye health benefits.

Dosage: 300ml: 5ml / per day

The policy of discount is active:

*By purchasing two Eyeaspis Dry Eye products you are entitled to a 10% discount on the price of two.

*To get a coupon code for the discount please call +381 18 / 278 – 877 or email on

*Free shipping on the territory of Serbia.

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