Neuroaspis PLP10


Neuroaspis PLP10

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NEUROASPIS ® plp10 is a nutraceutical (with natural biomolecules), administered orally, can be co-administered with all other available treatments, showed great effect in reducing the frequency of relapses (flares) of the disease but mainly on the progression of the disability of patients.


20ml, once daily, using the enclosed dose-calibration cup. Take 30 minutes before dinner or as suggested by your physician. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Food Supplements should not be used in replacement of a balanced diet.

Under 18 years: please consult your physician.

The policy of discount is active:

*By purchasing two Neuroaspis products you are entitled to a 10€ discount on the price of two.

*To get a coupon code for the discount please call +381 18 / 278 – 877 or email on

*Free shipping on the territory of Serbia.


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