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Our vision is to become a significant regional player in the broader health care sector. We will be recognized as an interactive and collaborative platform with our business partners and the community of pharmacists at large. We aim to become a pioneering brand and market-maker platform that co-develops and co-owns products with selected national and regional partners, through close ties and strategic partnerships.


A common denominator in our business is the concept of quality, covering everything from the choice of our suppliers and the raw materials that we use in our products, to the finished product on the shelf and to our business practices. And, to reach our target, we have a set of values that we apply to our business, like we do to our lives: Integrity, Openness, Flexibility, Punctuality.


Aniva Pharma is an OTx market player that imports, sales and promotes innovative and unique food supplements and dietary supplements for medical purposes for patients with neurodegenerative and chronic diseases. We aim to provide patients with the opportunity of finding adjuvant therapies for their chronic and rare diseases, while helping them to pursue a healthy life and experience a better sense of wellbeing.

The corporate strategy of Aniva Pharma Doo focuses on the following key components:

  1. Develop and adhere to the company’s unique business model of establishing an interactive and collaborative platform with the mother company ( ), its network of R&D partners and suppliers, with university hospitals, private clinics, and other relevant stakeholders in order to introduce and promote its core brands.
  2. Focus on continuous product innovation, with particular attention to efficacy, safety, and quality.
  3. Exhibit consistent operational excellence.
  4. Optimize its geographic coverage.